Laser Cutting

We can work with almost any format from hand sketch to engineering drawing. Our full range of material inventory and in-house capabilities can provide a quick turnaround for most parts.
  • Material Capabilities
  • Stainless Steel from 26 GA (0.025 inch) to 3/8 inch thick
  • Cold Rolled Steel from 26 GA (0.025 inch) to 1/2 inch thick
  • Aluminum from 26 GA (0.025 inch) to 11GA (.125) inch thick
  • Other metal materials: Electro-galvanized Steel, Galvanized Steel, Jet-coat Steel, Copper, and some plastic material
  • Part Capabilities
  • Maximum material / part size is 4' X 8.5'
  • Any shape that can be drawn
  • Equipment
  • Mazak Super Turbo X48, 1.5KW non-contact laser
  • Tolerance: positioning tolerance of less than .001" and repeatability of less than .0005"
After Welding
After Grinding and Finishing